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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

 *After multiple inquiries for birthday parties, I have decided to offer them again. Some things have changed from before, so please read below.

Parties will only be scheduled to be held Saturdays and Sundays from 10-12.

Cost is $190 plus tax for up to 10 painters.

We can not accommodate more than 10 people due to the size of the party room. If less than 10 attend, the price is still $190 plus tax.


Price Includes:

(1) ceramic piece selected from our party shelf to be painted then fired (pieces will be ready for pickup in 1 week)

2 hours use of our party room (10am-12pm) $50 party fee


Now for the small print…….

The birthday child must be turning at least 6 years old.

Children are to remain in the party room for the entire length of the party (unless they leave early) This is very important due to insurance restrictions.

We suggest cupcakes, cake pops or other small treats that can be placed on front of each child at their seat.

Please provide individual drinks for each child.

We no longer have an extra table, or additional space for cake, ice cream, and all the typical party extras.

Balloons are allowed, but no streamers, piñatas, etc.

Due to limited staff, I will give painting instructions at the beginning of the party, then the party parent will be supervising the kids for the remainder of the party.

To reserve your party, the $50 party fee must be paid. This will leave a balance of $140 plus tax due on the date of the party.

Other Party/Group Option

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, etc.

 *All parties required a minimum of $140 in purchases (not including $50 party fee). Sales receipts can be written for each individual guest, or the host can choose to pay for all of them – the choice is yours.

*The $50 Party fee includes the use of the party room for two hours.  You can bring in your own food and drink but ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED.  Sorry. We no longer have an extra table for food, so its best to keep the food to a minimum. Guests are welcome to bring their own coffees, drinks and snacks.

*The completed pottery will be ready for pickup one week after the party.

*$50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a party date. (This deposit will be applied to the party fee, on the date of the event)

Pay $50 Party Fee Deposit Here

$50 Party Deposit

$50 Party Deposit


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