7700 Richardson Road

Willards, MD 21874

Phone:  410-835-8683






Mon & Tues: Closed

Wed, Thur, and Fri: 6pm-9pm

Saturdays: 10am-3pm

1st & 3rd Sunday of each month:  10am-3pm



Parties are held on Saturdays from


This 2 hour slot includes, setup and party.

Please view the calendar on the home page (

for available dates.

No parties will be booked during the month of December

IMPORTANT:  All children are to remain in the party room during the party.  Please make your guests aware. 

We have animals that can be viewed from the party room window, but due to insurance,

children CAN NOT go outdoors to see the animals, please enjoy viewing from inside.

$50 Party Deposits are required to reserve your special day, but please

do not pay party deposits until you have already made party arrangements with me. 

Party deposits are refundable as long as cancellations are made within 3 days of the scheduled event.

Once arrangements have been made, please click on button below to pay your deposit.


Pay Party Deposit Online

Click this button to pay your $50.00 party deposit online.

PYOP Party Package #1


For Children Turning 5 or older

Cost:  $15.00 per painter plus $50 party fee

Party includes: 

*Choice of one ceramic piece per child priced up to $15.00

*Use of Paints, brushes, and, stencils.

*Glazing and Firing

*2 hours Studio Time (including setup, eating and opening gifts)

*Birthday Child will receive a painted birthday plate signed by his/her guests.

In seven days, the finished pieces will be ready for pickup.   

 I will have all pieces wrapped, marked with the artists’ names, and placed in one bag or box to be picked up by the birthday host. 

  *Minimum of 6: Maximum of 10 party painters *Kids must be four years (turning five) or older. 

Canvas Party Package #2

For Ages 7 or older

Cost:  $18.00 per person plus $50 party fee

Party includes: 

*Each person will paint one 12 x 12 canvas of the design selected by the party host.

*2  hours Studio Time (including setup, canvas painting, eating and opening gifts)

*Birthday Child will receive a free canvas, painted by me, and signed by all of their friends.  Both the free canvas and the attendee’s canvases will be taken home the same day as the party.

  *Minimum of 6: Maximum of 10 party attendees



Other Party/Group Option

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, etc.

 *All parties required a minimum of $100 in purchases (not including $50 party fee). Sales receipts can be written for each individual guest, or the host can choose to pay for all of them – the choice is yours.

*The $50 Party fee includes the use of the party room for two hours.  You can bring in your own food and drink but ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED.  Sorry.

*The completed pottery will be ready for pickup one week after the party. Canvases will be sent home with the guests on the day of the event.  (If pieces are unfinished, guests will still take them home, but can return to finish at a later date – no additional fee will be charged)  We have limited space to store pieces. Please help us by picking up your pieces promptly.

*$50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a party date. (This deposit will be applied to the party fee, on the date of the event)

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