Welcome to Ceramic Zone

Ceramic Zone is so much more than "just" a PYOP studio.

In addition to Paint Your On Pottery Pieces, We offer:

Stoneware pieces

Canvas Painting

Board Art

Clay Impressions (by appointments only)


No artistic ability is required.

Safe for all ages, even the little ones. 

If they can hold a paint brush, they can paint.

I also do custom painting for auction projects, fundraisers, etc.

We have books available with lots of ideas for little hands and feet, too.

If you pick a design, and don't want to create it yourself, let me get your child's print, and I will do the rest. 

Additional Customizing charges are priced based on size of project.





7700 Richardson Road

Willards, MD 21874

Phone:  410-835-8683



We are open by appointment only

on the following days:

Tuesdays:  6pm-9pm (3 hours)
Saturdays: 10am-12pm (2 hours) or 1pm-3pm (2 hours)
Sundays: 10am-12pm (2 hours) or 1pm-3pm (2 hours)

If you want to paint for all 5 hours on the weekend, you can do that too :)

We will continue to close the 1st weekend (Sat/Sun) of each month

Reservations can be made via email ( or Facebook messaging.

Please provide your name, phone number, and number of painters.

Since I work away from the studio, phone calls are not always responded to as quickly as you may like.

Special Note:   We are no longer hosting parties with food.  Groups can still schedule times to paint together but food will not be permitted. 


Contact Me/Make Reservations:

Paint Your Own Pottery

– Lots of new Contemporary pieces to choose from

Social Artworking Canvas Painting

– Work on a step by step canvas painting, no artistic skilled required

For more info, please click "Link"


Vintage Ceramics

– I also carry a large assortment of vintage pieces

Board Art

– I also carry a huge assortment of wood shapes for board art

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